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Advantages Of Family Time

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In this fast-paced world, we sometimes tend to overlook family time, especially with busy schedules in the way. Little do most people know, family time brings a handful of wondrous benefits to both children and parents when quality time is spent together. Incorporating family time on a daily will have the kids feeling special and cared for, even if it’s just as small as running an errand or two as a family. Not only does family time teach children a bunch of life values, but it will also allow your children to create timeless memories. With that being said, we at BrilliantTots have the low-down on the advantages of family time for your little ones and ways to engage family time at every given chance. 

The Benefits Of Family Time

Improved Self-Esteem 

Children who engage in family time develops bettered self-esteems as it helps them build a very positive sense of self-worth. A family who engages in family time becomes an example of a family that prioritizes each other, loves and care for one another; with that, the children in the family will grow up with said positive values, leaving them feeling wanted, loved and special. A positive household is important when your child starts developing self-esteem, the more positivity and love then you will have a little one exuberating confidence. Keep in mind that no family is perfect, bickering and fights are bound to happen; vacations may even end up with sour faces onboard but its perfectly normal, the key is to ensure that the bond is mended even after the worst of fights. 

Academic Excellence

Along with bettered self esteems, children tend to perform incredibly when it comes to the academic aspect of their lives. Family time does not only involve fun activities or vacations, but it also involves teaching and helping your little ones with homework. First steps are always the hardest, with a little push and encouragement from the family will give children courage and faith in themselves when it comes to matters involving education. With your little one being able to come to you for help with homework or with something they have troubles understanding, this hails as the perfect opportunity to incorporate family time into the mix; getting the entire family for a sit-down teaching session will not only make learning fun and a family affair but it’ll have your little ones acing classes.

Better Communication Ability 

Family time fosters a safe space for everyone to communicate among one another openly. This helps your little ones develop good communication at a young age itself, it also allows them to be comfortable when speaking about something they’re too afraid to bring up. This space allows parents to grasp their children’s communicative behaviours and to correct them where needed; children tend to mimic whatever their parents do so refrain from communicating in a way you wouldn’t want your little ones picking up on. Incorporating family time can be as simple as having a family sit down and just talking bout how everyone’s day went on about. 

Stronger Family Bond

This may come across as an obvious point but it is nevertheless the most important one. Families who engage in family time form inseparable, unbreakable bonds. They grow together as one, hurdling challenges and basking in each other’s glory as a whole, allowing them to grow even stronger emotional ties with one another. This bond that they develop will follow children down the road into personal relationships, teaching them the ways of a healthy relationship. 

Know Your Little Ones

It gives everyone in the family to get to know each other better, especially parents getting to know their little ones. Catch up with your little one over dinner or just over a family sit down, this will help them open up. We learn about our families as we grow and many people only get to it when they’re older so opening this space when they’re young will help you learn things about your little ones.

Enhanced Parenting Skills

Family time help children develop enhanced parenting skills, for when they become parents of course. It teaches them what a healthy relationship among family should signify and how better themselves as an individual, parent or not. In the meantime in which parenting skills are not needed, leadership skills will remain as a worthy intercede. 


Ways To Engage In More Family Time 

Make Chores Fun – Aside from making them fun, doing them together should be made a priority. Get some music playing and work on errands as an entire family. A chore that is great to do as a family is washing the car as it can easily be turned into a fun splash party!

The Great Outdoors – Explore the great wilderness as a family! Hike on a trail or a swim at a nearby lake. It makes for great memories and it’ll have the whole family bonding while working up a sweat.

Sports Activities – Having the entire family involved in sports activities will give everyone a chance to indulge in some family fun. Head over to the park every weekend with a ball or a racquet at hand and work up a sweat with some family sports activities. Sports teach children the importance of leadership, sportsmanship, coping with failure and teamwork; these core values will stay with them even when they’re off the field or court.

Cooking – Cook an extravagant meal together as a family, have the kids cut up ingredients and set the table while your spouse and you handled the heavier stuff when cooking a meal. Having family sit down meals together is another great way to soak in quality family time too!

Vacay-time! – Plan a family vacation either close-by or to a foreign country even, it’ll have the whole family basking in some valuable family fun. Throw in some fun games to play as a family throughout the journey to get the ball rolling. Doesn’t matter if the destination is near or far, as long as time is spent with each other. 

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