18 to 30 months

Young children in their toddler years learn through their senses and physical exploration. They develop many new physical skills such as kicking a ball, climbing, walking and running. They enjoy finger play activities, spontaneous scribbling, and will demonstrate independence in wanting to complete tasks such as feeding themselves and washing hands on their own.

At 2 years old, they develop thinking and problem-solving skills in new dynamic ways, such as looking for items hidden under covers. They are able to sort shapes and colours and enjoy pretend play. Young children learn to mimic others and say 2-3 word sentences with words like ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘yes’.


Language & Literacy

- Follow simple instruction
- Enjoy listening to stories
- Repeat words


- Rote count and recognise numbers 1 – 5
- Recognise at least 3 shapes

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

- Participate in art and music and movement activities
- Enjoy using at least one musical instrument

Motor Skill Development

- Walk independently
- Climb onto and down furniture unassisted
- Scribble spontaneously

Discovery of the World

- Show interest in the environment.
- Enjoy exploring around their environment

Social Emotional Development

- Enjoy being around his/her peers.
- Help and carry out simple tasks requested by the teacher