31 to 36 months

3-year-olds are young explorers. They engage in sensorial learning and approach tasks and activities creatively. They can remember and retell stories and may start to ask “wh” questions to gather more information. 3-year-olds are able to fix simple puzzles and are able to sort and classify better. Their dexterity is improved, as they learn to use their fingers and hand in coordination, e.g. turning pages of a book, drawing with a jumbo pencil or crayon with fingers instead of fist. They can run, hop, jump, kick and even climb stairs one foot after another.

At this age they also learn to manage their emotions. As they begin to recognize the causes of feelings, they may offer help and a hug to peers who are upset.


Language & Literacy

- Follow 2 steps simple instruction
- Use short sentences
- Develop print awareness
- Ask simple questions to get more information (i.e. where, when, why?)


- Rote count and recognise numbers 1 – 10
- Count the number of items (1 to 5)
- Be able to recognise at least 5 shapes
- Identify at least 3 colours and be able to spot these colours

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

- Participate actively in art and music and movement activities
- Enjoy the process of crafting art pieces
- Enjoy moving and dancing to music

Motor Skill Development

- Be able to run independently.
- Walk up and down stairs with minimal support
- Feed him/herself with a spoon and hold his/her own cup, with minimal spilling

Discovery of the World

- Enjoy exploring and questioning things around their environment
- Observe and discover objects around them using their five senses

Social Emotional Development

- Enjoy being around his/her peers.
- Be able to inform others of his needs
- Be able to share his things with others when requested by others