4 Years Old

4-year-olds are intuitive learners. They engage in imaginative play and are curious in trying new experiences. They have greater self control and are able to communicate in complex sentences. They tend to sing silly songs and even make up goofy words.

At 4 years old, their cognitive skills are further developed as they learn to recognize alphabets and may write their own names. They understand that letters represent the sounds in spoken words and may be able to associate letters with sounds. They resolve everyday problems through logic reasoning and are able to recognize numerals up to 10 or more.

With greater curiosity and enthusiasm, 4 years old can engage in longer periods of active and imaginative play. Their motor skills are advanced and they are able to complete activities such as fixing complex puzzles, galloping, and skipping.


Language & Literacy

- Be able to identify upper and lower case alphabet
- Be able to retell stories
- Ask questions to get more information
- Be able to contribute simple answer to class discussion
- Be able to identify and attempt to write his/her name


- Be able to rote count and recognise numbers 1 – 15
- Be able to count the number of items (1 to 10)
- Be able to identify a few colours and shapes
- Be able to match items

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

- Enjoy the process of crafting art pieces and have their own idea of how they prefer it to be done
- Be able to follow simple rhythm
- Sing along to songs

Motor Skill Development

- Be able to run, hop and jump confidently.
- Develop better hand-eye co-ordination
- Feed him/herself with a spoon and hold his/her own cup

Discovery of the World

- Describe properties of items they observed with their five senses
- Describe objects in terms of physical properties
- Observe changes and differences

Social Emotional Development

- Participate in cooperative play
- Show appropriate classroom and social behaviour
- Show awareness of the feelings of the others