6 Years Old

By the age of 6, children learn to take on new roles and responsibilities and are able to complete tasks with guidance from adults. They understand the feelings of others, and may present themselves as “little adults” and enjoy helping to care for the younger children.

They become independent readers and are able to enunciate words with fluency and clarity. They can count up to 100 and backwards, and understand numerical concepts like odd and even. They are also able to read and tell time.

They develop physically to have better control of their motor skills. They can catch a ball with both hands and ride a bicycle. They get better at tying and untying their shoelaces and are also able to complete more intricate and complex jigsaw puzzles.


Language & Literacy

- Write with invented and conventional spelling
- Enjoy reading
- Read book independently
- Attempt to sound out or decode unfamiliarwords
- Use common punctuation and capitalizationin writing
- Recognise familiar words


- Apply the mathematical concepts that they learn in their daily experience
- Recognise relationship and patterns
- Sort items based on more different characteristics
- Read the clock
- Simple concept of money
- Count in multiple of 2,5 and 10

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

- Develop greater interest in art and music activities
- Express ideas and feelings through art and music and movement
- Create art pieces and music based on their imagination and creativity
- Share their thoughts and feelings about art and music and movement

Motor Skill Development

- Demonstrate control and co-ordination during motor skill activities
- Carry out physical activities confidently

Discovery of the World

- Develop a positive attitude towards everything around them
- Find out why and how things happen through investigation and experiment

Social Emotional Development

- Develop self-awareness
- Manage their emotion and show appropriate behaviours
- Respect for diversity
- Communicate, interact and buildrelationships with others
- Take responsibility for their actions
- Become more independent with self-help skills