5 Years Old

5-year-olds demonstrate physical agility. They can swing and climb, and possibly even do somersaults. They show independence as they learn to dress and undress themselves, and know how to negotiate or compromise to resolve a conflict.

At this age, children learn to form friendships and want to be liked and pleased by their peers. They engage in meaningful conversations, and are able to tell or retell their own stories.

They also become enthusiastic problem solvers and will ask analytical questions to find out how things work.


Language & Literacy

- Write in upper and lower case alphabet
- Predict and recreate stories
- Ask questions to get more information
- Write his/her full name
- Identify details (who, what, when, where, why, how) and answer questions


- Rote count and recognise numbers 1 – 25
- Count the number of items (1 to 20)
- Do simple addition and subtraction
- Identify, complete and create AB and ABC patterning.
- Sort items
- Have basic concept of time

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

- Develop greater interest in art activities
- Exhibit creativity with a variety of drawing and painting media
- Independently seek out art activities
- Follow complex rhythm
- Remember and sing the songs that were taught

Motor Skill Development

- Develop better accuracy.
- Further develop hand-eye co-ordination
- Use scissor more effectively
- Hold a pencil firmly

Discovery of the World

- Observe how things change over time (i.e. animal, plant, etc.)
- Observe changes and describe them.
- Enjoy interaction with the environment

Social Emotional Development

- Enjoy cooperative and interactive play
- Distinguish and show appropriate behaviour
- Follow sequential directions
- Attempt to solve their own problems
- Seek assistance