2 to 17 Months Old

Our infants are looked after by Trained Educators in a safe environment. Your child will provided with a safety-tested cot that is padded with soft cushioning and infant-safe toys.

He or she will be under the attentive care of our Trained Educators at all times and never left on his or her own. His or her well-being is ensured with daily observation records (nap time, food intake, bowel habit, etc.), as well as updates on his or her physical health and comfort (e.g. checks for skin rashes). Food is specially prepared to suit infants of each age group.


Language & Literacy

- Follow simple 2-step instructions
- Use short sentences
- Develop print awareness
- Ask simple questions to get more information


- Count and recognise numbers 1 to 10
- Count the number of items (1 to 5)
- Recognise at least 5 shapes
- Identify at least 3 colours and be able to spot these colours

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

- Participate actively in art and music and movement activities

Motor Skill Development

- Run independently
- Walk up and down stairs with minimal support
- Feed himself or herself with a spoon and hold his or her own cup with minimal spilling

Discovery of the World

- Enjoy exploring and questioning things around their environment
- Observe and discover objects around them using their five senses

Social Emotional Development

- Enjoy being around his/her peers
- Inform others of their needs